Sports & Recovery

Ice Therapy Machine

Designed to provide immediate relief from soreness, pain and discomfort, the ice therapy machine includes a universal therapy pad to effectively target the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder and arm. Alleviates swelling, pain and inflammation following surgery or injury, the quiet ice therapy system is also useful for relieving joint pain due to arthritis or overuse.

Effective, Quiet, Cooling Relief:

Vive includes a durable base unit, universal cold therapy pad, extended reach insulated tubing and three secure straps. Holding up to six liters of ice water, the therapy machine also features five rates of continuous flow with cycle times of 30 minutes or less for a personalized experience and a bright LED display. Designed for ease of use, the cooling therapy system is quiet, compact and easily portable with an integrated carry handle. The clear base allows for easy filling with marked guides for both ice and water levels.

Large Flexible Therapy Pad:

Uniquely shaped and flexible, the large therapy pad contours to the shape of the body for targeted relief. Suitable for use on the ankle, knee, leg, hip, elbow, shoulder and arm, the pads three elastic straps for securing it in any position. Constructed with a durable composite material with reinforced seams for long-term, leakproof use. Also included is a five-foot, foam-insulated connector tube to ensure the water temperature remains constant throughout the treatment cycle.

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Vive Moist Heating Pad

Cramps can be painful, and they will ruin a whole day. However, one of the best treatments for cramps and muscle pain is heat therapy, and therefore, you might want to invest in a heating pad.

Today we are here to look for the best heating pad for cramps, so let’s get right to it.

  • TARGETED PAIN RELIEF: Providing targeted relief, the Vive heating pad’s consistent heat soothes sore and aching joints and muscles. Generously sized for greater coverage, the Vive heating pad provides soothing heat therapy for the back, abdomen, hip, legs and more. The flexible heating pad contours to the body for concentrated pain relief.

  • FOUR MOIST OR DRY HEAT SETTINGS: Select one of four heat settings with the easy to use digital controller for personalized comfort. Supplying relaxing heat therapy, the heating pad increases blood circulation to relieve stiff muscles and joints. The included moisture sheet creates a deeply penetrating moist heat for exceptional pain relief and muscle relaxation.

  • WASHABLE MICROPLUSH COVER: Ultra-soft, the microplush cover is held in place with two snap closures to prevent the heating pad from sliding while in use. The removable cover is machine washable for added convenience. Safely store the heating pad set in the included travel and storage bag.

  • EXTENDED REACH CORD: The extra long power cord reaches nearly nine feet, allowing you to rest comfortably in any location. Standard safety features include a two-hour automatic shutoff to prevent overheating.

  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 2 year guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

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Exercise Equipment

Smart Magnetic Pedal Exerciser

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Pedal Exerciser V

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Folding Pedal Exerciser

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Recumbent Bike

$ 379.99 List $ 399.99

Rowing Machine

$ 379.99 List Price $ 499.99

Vibration Platform

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Shoulder Brace

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Compression Shoulder Ice Wrap

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Knee Ice Wrap

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