August - 2021

The 4 Best Mobility Scooters To Buy

Post 7 Tuesday, August 17, 2021 14:48 pm

When you have limited mobility, a scooter can provide a cheap and simple way of getting out and about, but there are are some downsides you need to know about.

EWheels EW 19 / EW 20 Sporty

Are you looking for an affordable and sporty scooter that can take you fast and far?

The EWheels EW-19 Sporty 3-wheel Mobility Scooter is one of the most affordable, fast, and long-range scooters out there. This stylish red and black sporty scooter doesn’t look like a traditional mobility scooter, and it’s sure to turn heads wherever you go

A Speedy Scooter

One of the great features of the EWheels EW-19 Sporty mobility scooter for sale is the speed. you can cruise around town at 15 miles per hour!

This sporty mobility scooter has 3 speed settings: high, medium, and low. For indoor settings like your home or the mall, you can select low speed, and drive safely.

Great Portability

The EWheels EW-19 is easy to take with you wherever you go. You can quickly remove the seat and fold the tiller to stow the scooter in your vehicle. It’s not a lightweight scooter, but you can still load it in your vehicle for when you’re on the go.

Golden Technologies LiteRider 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter L141D

Looking for a medium sized portable scooter with extra storage and a sleek, tubular design?

The Golden Technologies LiteRider GL141D 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re riding around the house, going to the grocery store, or traveling across the country, this best-in-class scooter will get you there in style.

Airline Approved Portable Scooter

The LiteRider comes in vibrant red or blue, with a black seat and floorboard. The modern tubular frame design doesn’t take up much space, and it has a 300 lb weight capacity. The Golden Technologies LiteRider GL141D 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter for sale is airline approved for easy and convenient travel.

Great Travel Range

Do you want a portable mobility scooter that can take you around town? The LiteRider 4-wheel mobility scooter has a travel range of 12 miles per charge, and a top speed of 5 miles per hour. It’s powered by two 22AH batteries. Charge your batteries on the scooter, or take the battery pack off the scooter for more convenient charging.

EV Rider Transport AF+ Deluxe Auto Folding Electric Scooter

Do you find mobility scooters too heavy, but want one that is lightweight and easy to

travel with? Perhaps you want a mobility scooter that you can take with you in your

car, on a cruise ship, or on an airplane? These are common questions we get asked

at Electric Wheelchairs USA and we have a unit that is the perfect solution, the EV

Rider Transport AF+. This mobility scooter folds up easily, can be taken with you in

your car, and brought on a cruise ships or airplanes because of its airline approved



Yep, that's right. The Transport AF+ can be folded and unfolded in just seconds

with the push of a button. Sure there are some folding mobility scooters on the

market today, but how many can fold and unfold without touching it? Not many.

That's one of the best features of this mobility scooter.


Including the battery, this unit weights just 44 lbs. EV Rider's goal was to design a

portable unit that is one of the lightest on the market today.

The Transport AF+ can also be stored almost anywhere and can fit in the trunk of most automobiles with room to spare!

E-Wheels EW-52 Bariatric 4-Wheel Scooter

If you are looking for a sleek looking, heavy duty mobility scooter that is one of the most powerful on the market today, check out the EWheels EW-52. It comes with a Bluetooth connection, speaker system, and windshield so you can ride around in style. This unit is available in your choice of red, orange, or green and it is one of the best mobility scooters on the market in terms of power and design. The EW-52 presents a luxury feel at an affordable price and is also fashionable ride for the elderly, disabled individuals, or even pregnant moms just to name a few.


This powerful 4 wheel scooter comes with a 700W brushless motor that is capable of holding up to 500 lbs. If you are looking for a unit that can go fast, this powerful scooter has you covered reaching speeds of up to 15 miles per hour. It also comes with 3 speed settings so you can drive safely in crowded areas or get to your next destination as quickly as possible out in the open. Pair that with the impressive 43 mile battery range, you can go around town and cover a lot of ground in no time.


One of the elements that truly separates this scooter is its press button computerized dashboard. Presently you can rapidly look down and see your speed and battery life permitting you to zero in out and about ahead. It even accompanies uncompromising tubeless tires for added constancy. The EW-52 additionally comes standard with a 3 speaker bluetooth sound system, usb port, and against robbery caution framework. This thing resembles a vehicle, with the exception of you needn't bother with a driver's permit!